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About Us – Vaani

Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) presents IAP Vaani, India’s most credible platform for scientifically sound and locally relevant information on maternal and child health and nutrition,  available in 12 languages.
The IAP-Vaani platform has been created in response to the lack of a credible and complete source of scientifically sound information on maternal and child health and nutrition in India.  Almost all mothers (and their caregivers) end up following superstitious and harmful practices suggested by family members and local media.
Child and maternal malnutrition remain the single largest risk factor, responsible for 15% of the total disease burden of India in 2016. Child and maternal malnutrition contributes to the disease burden mainly through increasing the risk of neonatal disorders, nutritional deficiencies, diarrhoeal disease, lower respiratory infections, and other common infections.
UNICEF believes that educating mothers is an important preventive measure against the recurrence of under nutrition. In fact half the reduction in child mortality over the past 40 years can be attributed to the better education of women.
However, most doctors are not sufficiently trained in nutrition. It is the same for other caregivers such as para medical staff and frontline health workers. They are not trained communicators either. They need content support at the point of care in simplified and localised form so that their beneficiaries can easily understand and use it.
IAP has taken on a leadership role and has created IAP Vaani to fill this gap. Today IAP Vaani has emerged as India’s primary, practical resource on maternal and child information.
IAP is India’s leading non partisan national scientific academy for Child Health and this platform created by IAP will be useful to all stakeholders – public sector, development sector and private sector. All caregivers will benefit from this platform, whether they be doctors, paramedical staff or frontline health workers.
IAP is utilizing  its considerable resource of 25,000 child health specialists spread across the nation, to create this dedicated health and nutrition service that solves the need for localised, scientific, practical information; for mothers and caregivers alike.
All content will be simultaneously published in 12 languages – English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Assamese, Punjabi. In cooperation with the Government of India and State Governments, IAP plans to empower caregivers to educate consumers and be the national, credible, non partisan information source for maternal and child nutrition for mothers and caregivers.